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I bought this DVD as my son is gradually developing his speech and I thought the phonics practice would be good. He LOVES it! I fact he keeps saying `DVD, DVD’ because he wants me to put it on again and again!

The DVD is a good mix of phonics and words being sounded out; quite a few of the photos and pictures are fruit related but there are also words such as `umbrella’, `love’, `dog’ and numbers up to nine. There is a good amount of movement and colour contrast and both my son (just two) and daughter (just one) enjoy the music that repeats with the introduction of each new letter.

If I’m honest, I’m getting a bit sick of it but the kids can’t seem to get enough!


My daughter loved it… that was what i aimed for. Also delivered on time.

Mike Barlow

“My son Bill watches the DVD around every other day, he’s 2 years 5 months and has an immense interest in words and numbers. He has really taken to phonics and now seems to look at words and tries to pronounce them when they are new to him.

I would really be behind you in everything you produce, I think Fruity ABC is a remarkable resource and has very much encouraged Bill to develop his OWN love of words, because it brings children into the educational process so simply and easily, he just thinks he’s having a ball!

Thanks for helping us, as parents, to discover such a wonderful system of learning language, for our child.”

Your Fruity Friends say: Thanks Mike – keep up the good work with young Bill.


Parents in Touch

Parents in Touch – 123 it’s a fruity abc – Review

“This is a dynamic, colourful video will introduce young children to the early concepts of 123 and ABC. This is done very cleverly using fruit and combines the concept of healthy eating and the beginnings of learning.
The discussion which can be started with adults and children while watching the video is to engage children in Phonic sounds, letter shapes, number shapes and number concepts.
The video will also help encourage children to concentrate, to listen and to think. This will sustain a multi sensory experience and leads children to be introduced to the beginnings of letter blending and help children create new words. I feel that both adults and children will find this a useful and pleasant learning experience.”


Lucy G, Cambs.

“A relative gave us a copy of the ‘123 it’s a fruity abc’ DVD and we thought it looked like a bit of an odd idea at first. But when we watched it our children were fascinated and quickly picked up quite a few phonics sounds and words. We think this is a really fun way to introduce phonics to pre-school children and would like to order another copy as a gift for my niece.”

Your Fruity Friends say, pass on the word Lucy it’s great for us.


Practical Parenting Magazine

What the press says:
Practical Parenting Magazine

“123 it’s a fruity abc is a fun way to introduce the alphabet, with the help of fruit, veg and stickers


Charlotte Towell

With 3 children under 4, my youngest is just 20 months and is saying the sounds and they all love the animations.


Pascale KB

My 15 month old son loves watching the animations, smiling all the way through. He particularly likes the introduction of each letter.

Evie Jeffery aged 2 1/4

Evie Jeffery aged 2 1/4 from Worcester says: “Can I watch fruity please, I want watch fruity now”.¬†Click here to view demonstration movie clip.


Mrs R Moyes

I have 20 pre-school children every day and use Fruity ABC as a resource for the children to learn their numbers and find the letters in their name. They also use it to find the fruit and veg they are having for snack that day. A firm favourite and well worth the money.


Ms M Simpson

I gave this DVD to my sister for her little ones and they love it, we put it on just before dinner and they all eat their greens now! Very good.


Kim Andrews

This is a really fun DVD for young children – bright and colourful, ingeniously using characters made entirely from fruit and vegetables.
It is an excellent resource for encouraging children to learn letter sounds while reinforcing healthy eating – brilliant idea!

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